Our Story

  • Sami (left) and Rob (right) enjoying lunch in Los Angeles


    Sami Fuleihan and Rob Shalhoub met in 2019 as volunteers at a charity event in Los Angeles. Recognizing their shared heritage, the guys immediately bonded over their love of Lebanese food and wine.

    A few weeks later, Sami received a package from Lebanon containing his family’s traditional za’atar mix and invited Rob for a tasting. The quality and freshness was obvious, and Rob’s first question was “how much would it cost to bring more of this za’atar to Los Angeles?” Naturally, one question led to another, and before long the idea for ZEED was born.


    ZEED represents the modern interpretation of ancient Lebanese traditions, and Sami and Rob are proud to carry on their respective families’ legacies in agriculture and artisanal crafts. In Baasir, Sami’s family has practiced organic farming and cold press olive oil production for generations. In Douma, Rob’s ancestors produced traditional olive oil soap. For this reason, we have chosen to symbolize ZEED with an emblem depicting our roots and our leaves, our past and our future.

  • The picturesque village of Douma

    Picturesque Douma, the Shalhoub family's ancestral village

  • Sami and team harvest olives in Baasir


    We are dedicated to helping the Lebanese people overcome the massive socio-economic challenges they currently face. We know that Lebanese food is universally loved, and thus we believe in the country's great potential to increase its exports abroad.

    In this spirit, we promise to donate a portion of our sales to help fund Lebanese economic development initiatives, with a focus on agricultural production and export readiness.

    If you would like to recommend a project that fits our criteria, preferably through a US 501(c)3 organization, please contact us.