Zeed's Foundation

Zeed's Foundation

You’ve probably seen your fair share of “taste just like home” ads and products. Rest assured, Zeed isn’t generic like that. Zeed is not your average website where you buy packaged food. Let’s say you’re in need of a bottle of olive oil, and one would think they all taste the same, just different labels, so you’ll pick any. We’re here to tell you that Zeed is a message. It's a high-end, authentic, Lebanese brand that you’ll be proud to boast about during your family and friends’ lunches and dinners. 
Let’s give you a glimpse of what inspired Rob and Sami to come up with the name Zeed, their philosophy of making Zeed a pantry product, and what’s cooking in the near future for them. 


What is Zeed? 
To start with the actual word "Zeed,” we need to dig into its origin and cultural use. It’s of Arabic-Lebanese origin, a word that simply means “add more”. Picture a family setting, and you're eating with your relatives (especially with your grandparents) and they lovingly pester you to eat more and encourage you to “ZEED”. Considering our products include Zaatar (thyme) and Zeit (oil), the Z made the most sense when forming the trademark of “Zeed”, which is also a sly play on the word ‘Seed’.


Rob and Sami
Both of Zeed's founders, Rob Shalhoub and Sami Fuleihan, had a sudden "eureka" moment when they came up with the idea for the company. They met at a charity event in Los Angeles. Lebanon was obviously the conversation of the hour, with Lebanese food front and center, as it is the essential ingredient in every Lebanese Diaspora conversation. It goes without saying that the two began discussing how they can make a business out of Zaatar (thyme). Yes, you read that correctly, Zaatar. 
Every few months, Sami would receive a package of Zaatar (thyme) mix from back home, which he considers as “one of the best mixes around”. Of course, he had to make sure Rob had a taste, and then, Boom! An idea was born. Packaged Zaatar can be mixed with Lebanese olive oil, in your pantry to have whenever you feel like it. 
Olive oil, a condiment we’ve found ourselves incredibly attached to without even knowing, especially if it’s from the motherland. 
This is what you should know about Zeed’s olive oil and its origin. In Lebanon, we have 2 main types of olive oil that are based in different parts of the country. One of them is Zgharta, a city in North Lebanon, and home to the "Ayrouni" olive which is light and fruity compared to other olives. The other would be Baasir, a village in Mount Lebanon, that harvests "Souri" olive, which depicts its origins, meaning it essentially comes from the southern city Sour (Tyre). The “Souri” olive has a stronger taste and is considerably heavier. As such, with two delicious types of oils stemming from two different Lebanese areas, Rob and Sami decided to give their clients a taste of both to choose and enjoy. 
Beyond Zeed 
For all the love we hold for sumac, zaatar and olive oil, Zeed is aiming beyond that. Zeed’s goal goes farther than being the tastiest and most trusted source of high-quality Lebanese pantry products in the United States. The ultimate goal is to give back to all Lebanese back home.
Rob and Sami are hoping to widen their scope by buying diverse products from farmers all over the country and by donating a portion of their profits to a number of NGOs they’re currently working with. 
Though the original products hold dear places, the founders are aiming to broaden their collection to include honey, rose and orange blossom water, pomegranate and carob molasses and much more. On top of that, they wish to educate their customers on how to use these pantry products in the best ways possible by creating a scenery to the diaspora that feels like their kitchens back home. 
The bottom line
Zeed is beyond the basket you’ll be buying to your friends and family, and it’s far beyond the food on your table and in your pantry. It’s the smell, taste, and the feel of home that you’ll be carrying around for everyone to enjoy and to feel proud of, having authentic Lebanese high-end product to boast about. 
PS: Zeed pantry will have their products live and available for you to fill your cart and buy whatever you heart desires. 
Go to “Our story” on our Zeed website If you want to read more about Sami and Rob, and make sure to check out the recipes of your favorite meals and dips.

For more fun and delicious recipes, visit the ZEED recipes blog here - https://zeedpantry.com/blogs/recipes




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